a graphical toolkit for working with streams of data

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Explore, analyse, modify, and learn from streams of data.

Streamtools is a new, open source project by The New York Times R&D Lab which provides a general purpose, graphical tool for dealing with streams of data.

It provides a vocabulary of operations that can be connected together to create live data processing systems without the need for programming or complicated infrastructure.

These systems are assembled using a visual interface that affords both immediate understanding and live manipulation of the system.

You can find the full docs here.

We also have a detailed overview of streamtools on the NYT R&D blog.

Get streamtools now.

Option 1: Easy install.

Download the binary and be set up in seconds.

Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black? Try our ARM build.

Builds for all platforms, click here.

Option 2: Compile it.

Make sure you have go, git, hg, and bzr installed.

On a fresh *nix system:

mkdir -p ~/go/src/ cd ~/go/src/ git clone cd streamtools make

To run it, just type ./build/st and visit port 7070.

Learn more.

Check our our demos page to see how use streamtools to poll the MTA's records of lost and found items, monitor USGS realtime data for significant earthquakes, and more.

Read the documentation for more info on installing, getting started, using the GUI, blocks and how it all works.

Look through a list of data sources that you can use for your own streamtools patterns.